Seawater Ion Imblance Toxicity

Major Seawater Ion Imbalance Toxicity, or MSIIT, occurs when whole effluent toxicity can be attributed to the ratios of ions present in the concentrate (effluent, discharge) that are different from those of normal, natural seawaters. 

Toxicity can be chronic, such as impairment of growth or reproduction, or acute.  MSIIT primarily occurs with concentrate from ground water sources because of the different ionic composition of these waters compared to seawater.

MBL has been performing seawater ion imbalance studies for 10 years. Through this work, we have helped clients obtain mixing zone accommodations after proving ionic imbalance as the cause of toxicity. In some case, our laboratory has found the cause of toxicity was not ion imbalance or was a combination of ionic and non ionic factors.

If you suspect major seawater ionic imbalance is or could become a contributor to toxicity in your discharge, please call 800-889-0384 or email Jason Weeks to discuss your situation and how we can help resolve your concerns.

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